Friday, May 2, 2014


For some unknown reason, flashes of intriguing maxims have been capturing my mind every now and then. It is not that flashes of weird thoughts have never come to this head, which makes these flashes seems special.

They are just so unthinkable, and for hell’s sake I can’t seem to put together where they might have originated from. None of them are original. They must have been lying dormant there, from things I watched, read, talk about…

Coming out of nowhere, like bogeys out of a misty, saturnian bog…….

If you haven’t got a penis, you’re a female
If you haven’t got a vagina, you’re a male
Those are facts; everything else is just choices and perceptions… 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stopped Counting

When you stopped counting your achievements, no matter how excellent they are, then you should know that  you are walking on a path of no emotion. 

A blissful psyche plateau where deeds are forgotten as soon as they are committed….Under the sign of a mighty red dragon.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Scared

If there’s one thing I’ve always found memorable about extreme metal music it must be its ghastly, morbid imagery. Maybe it is true that this type of music belongs to such imageries. Maybe it is also true what Ozzy Osbourne once said that being scared simply sells…because most of us like being scared.

But how easy would it be for us to get scared nowadays, anyway? With so much information and images being spun on the worldwide web, does anything still scare most us? A live feed beheading? Yup. Seen that.  Random shootings at schools? Seen those too. Gory disembowelments? Please. That’s daily shit on the internet.  

As we grow desensitized to all manner of things that used to be scary, it is always a pleasant surprise when you do stumble upon things that simply make the hairs on your neck stand on attention…Even more so if it is actually something from the extreme underground music scene, a place that is simply fucking over-saturated with ‘scary’ shits…

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wonderful View XV

Because I love you, my youthful, youthful dear…

Therefore I tear you, and return you to those that sustains…

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Red Sky

Once, in a time long forgotten
The skies would turn red
Every now and then

And thus come forth
The signs of celestial time
Signatures of our fate to come

Friday, February 14, 2014


How would true infernal majesty arrive in this pathetic mudball called earth? Would it be as an uncanny, medieval-like experimentation, on dismembered limbs?

Perhaps such majesty will come as a pair of darkly-hallowed couple. A couple with whom death seems to smile as bright as the midday Sun. 

Or it could also be coming forth from the barren, cold dimensions, as a portal in a damp, hazy swamp. Oozing with darkness, brimming with vices…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

People’s Windows

It may sound a bit too old school to believe I guess, but a person’s eyes are indeed the owner’s window to his or her soul. After a while of trying it out, you’ll be surprised how much you can tell by another’s glare…

I know I’ve seen quite a few intriguing sights in my lifetime. Everything from murderous to lustful and wary, the eyes are the most interesting thing in a human’s physique. Nuff said.